Message From Cantonment Executive Officer

With the Cantonments Act, 1924 (Act II, 1924), the Cantonment Board, Dhaka has availed the opportunity for wider dissemination of easy access to information for the public, by launching the Cantonment Board Web site. It is expected that the newly launched Web site would further increase the interface between the Cantonment Board and the public. The transparency which is the inherent feature of the Web site will instill more faith in the administration.

It will be our endeavor to provide easy access to maximum information for all to bring better interface between the public and the Cantonment. Board and making the functioning of Cantonment Board more transparent and accountable.

Therefore, we invite suggestions and feed back from the public about the website so as to make it more informative and user friendly so that the very purpose of launching the website can be achieved to the maximum extent. The good governance is possible only with the active participation and co-operation from the public. We believe that this web site will work as a medium for the same. It is hoped that users find the website informative. Your suggestions and feedback shall be of immense value to us to refine the website.

*** রজনীগন্ধা সুপার মার্কেটে প্রথম ধাপে নির্মাণাধীন কিচেন মার্কেটের দোকান ইজারার জন্য দরপত্র আহ্বান করা হয়েছে। বিস্তারিত তথ্যের জন্য ঢাকা ক্যান্টনমেন্ট বোর্ডের রাজস্ব শাখায় যোগাযোগ করুন***